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Regional wood supply pages will be developed further in consultation with TTF members. Quick Links and Related Documents provide contacts and further sources of information within this region.

A few examples of African species available in the UK are: Ekki, Iroko, Sipo, Sapele . To find more click on the "find a product" menu item and type Africa in search box.  

A large proportion of wood exported to the EU from Central and West Africa derives from European-owned companies that are actively engaged in a process to develop and implement sustainable forest management plans in consultation with national administrations. Many have a long term commitment to achieving forest certification. Illegal logging remains a problem throughout the tropical hardwood supplying regions of Africa. However the governments of most countries are engaged in concerted efforts to improve regulatory procedures and systems of enforcement. According to the Inter-African Forest Industry Association (IFIA) the central African region is host to 180 million hectares of tropical forest of which 53 million hectares is currently allocated for commercial concessions. FSC is currently the dominant form of certification in Africa. The Pan African Forest Certification System (PAFC) remains embryonic, although the one PAFC national system that is fully established, in Gabon, has been endorsed by the PEFC. Whereas PEFC requires the prior development of a strong national infra-structure for independent certification, which is generally lacking in African countries, FSC certification is more dependent on an international certification framework. African producers have also being encouraged down the FSC route by some major customers in the European market.

TTF members click on the appropriate country name for more detailed Country Guidance on Cameroon and Ghana.