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Regional wood supply pages will be developed further in consultation with TTF members. Quick Links and Related Documents provide contacts and further sources of information within this region.

Forest industries already make a major contribution towards a sustainable UK and the Naturally Wood Strategy demonstrates the sector’s commitment to go further.

UK forestry policy is now divided on a regional basis as follows: Forestry Commission England aims to promote the use of wood and timber as renewable materials and help identify market opportunities in sustainable construction and product substitution. Click here for further details. Forestry Commission Scotland's (FCS) mission is to protect and expand Scotland's forests and woodlands and increase their value to society and the environment. Click here for further details. It is estimated that the gross output of the Welsh forestry industry is £400 million per year. These outputs come from the full range of industries, from large-scale international companies producing wood pulp, paper and panel board, to small, family businesses making fencing and garden furniture. Click here for more details. Northern Ireland Forest Service is an Executive Agency within the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. For further information on its policy and activities click here.

The Forest Service is responsible for ensuring the development of forestry within Ireland in a manner and to a scale that maximises its contribution to national socio-economic well-being on a sustainable basis that is compatible with the protection of the environment. For further details click here. For information about forest research in Ireland click here, and for information about commercial forestry click here.

 TTF members click here for more detailed Country Guidance on Ireland.