Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a selection of the most commonly-asked questions we recieve. You can also find answers to more specific queries on our Technical FAQ page and Sustainability FAQ page.


If you would like to know any further information on what we do, our members, or joining TTF, then please get in touch using our Contact Us page.

Can I join the TTF?

Full membership is open to all timber traders in the UK who have been operating for more than three years.

Associate membership is open to international and service businesses.

How do I become a member of the TTF?

Very easily. Just fill in the membership form below. Contact our Head of Membership for more details.

Can I have a list of your members and what they deal in?

The TTF Member’s Directory & Buyer’s Guide list all TTF members and what aspect of the timber industry they deal and their contact details.

How do I set up my own timber business?

Like starting up any business you will need to research your market, develop your business plan and receive funding.  You may wish to speak to a number of timber agents to develop an idea of the market. You will need to be sure that you meet the requirements of the EUTR when placing timber products on the EU market, and you will need to look into a product certification or a Chain of Custody certification.


You may also need to consider any plant health issues if you are importing material from outside the EU, you can speak to the Forestry Commission about this.

How much does it cost to join the TTF?

Full membership fees are based on your timber purchase figures, or an agent’s commission.

When apply for membership, we will ask for this figure and some additional information in order to calculate the fee.

Associate members pay up to £2,000 depending on turnover.

Both types of membership run for 12 months and are renewable annually.

What's the impact of Brexit on the timber industry?

We have a page dedicated to informing members of the potential impacts of Brexit to the timber industry. You can view it here.