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An accoya staircase designed for all seasons
12th October 2018

An accoya staircase designed for all seasons

International Timber recently teamed up with Runciman & Redpath Specialist Joinery Manufacturers to deliver Accoya for a bespoke project.

Runciman & Redpath approached International Timber following the need for Accoya timber for their external staircase project.

Accoya was chosen for this task as it gives the user a 50-year guarantee against harsh weathering, rot and warping.

Runciman & Redpath has worked with International Timber for many years, ordering a wide range of timbers and sheet materials for bespoke developments.

The project progressed smoothly and is now complete. A spokesperson for Runciman & Redpath said: “The project was a great success and we will continue to work with International Timber as they provide a good service and an excellent quality of timber.”

An International Timber representative said: “We’ve always had a great working relationship with Runciman & Redpath. Due to the wide range of products and services we offer, we’ve always been able to deliver towards the team’s requirements.

“We’re proud of the longevity of a lot of our client relationships as this showcases the hard work and expertise that we bring to each project.” 


Projects Info

Location: Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, England
Joinery: Runciman & Redpath
Wood Supplier: International Timber
Main Wood Species: Accoya

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