Article of faith

Article of faith

Article · By Timber Trade Federation · 08 June 2020

Now is the time to make the most of timber’s climate change benefits!

It’s hard to have faith in uncertain times, but holding fast to that which is good, as the old saying goes, is what will stand us in good stead as and when business starts to pick up. There may be a few gaps in the supply chain as systems return to normal, but you can rest assured that your timber supplier will be doing all they can to get you the materials you need.

We stand at the crossroads of opportunity at this moment in time. We can choose whether or not to take a greener path: whether to respond to, and create a business benefit from, the public’s pre-pandemic expression of climate change concern.

Joiners are better placed than most to extoll the virtues of sustainably produced timber products. Work with your TTF member supplier to ensure you have all the information you need to use the powerful message behind the renewable, quality timber in the products that you make.

Consumers are ever-more interested in buying into a ‘story’ as well as a product, so make sure your marketing accurately reflects the climate change benefits of the wood in your products, alongside the skilled craftsmanship which goes into making them.

In Woodworking News you’ll find the first of our timber supply chain magazine inserts, called Joined-Up Business. We look at cost savings for joineries returning to work, along with new products and alternative species. We also reveal the decade-long journey that timber from Indonesia has taken in achieving the transformational, country-wide sustainability which its FLEGT licensing status confirms.

In itself, this expresses both the leap of faith that was needed by all parties involved in finding a greener way forward for business, and a faith in the future of timber products and markets.

We must have faith that business generally will revive, even if perhaps more slowly than would be ideal.

We must also have faith that, in working more closely together, across supply chains we can create a green business revival, dominated by the sustainability of the material we work with on a daily basis.

We must familiarise ourselves with timber’s back-story – of certified forests and biodiversity protection; of the CO2 storage within wood fibre which timber offers, and of the renewability in continued replanting of new forests, which store CO2 until the trees are fully-grown and ready for harvest.

We must also have a much greater awareness of the inherently low carbon nature of so many wood products.

Many are unaware of the greater carbon storage of, for example, the denser, sustainably produced tropical hardwoods, such as those gradually becoming more available with greater progress towards FLEGT licensing around the world.

Take this opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with your TTF member timber supplier, and proactively show your customers the environmental benefits of combining your wood skills with ‘Timber you can Trust’.

First published in Woodworking News May 2020.