BREXIT changes directly affecting UK Plywood Importers & Agents

BREXIT changes directly affecting UK Plywood Importers & Agents


  • Goods assured by a UK Notified Body for CE Marking will NOT be valid if placed on the market AFTER 31 December 2020.
  • Goods assured by EU Notified Body for CE Marking can be imported and placed on the UK market only until 31 December 2021.

As TTF informed members in September there are important changes to CE marking which come into effect at the end of the Transition Period once the UK fully exits the EU. For UK Plywood importers and Agents, the critical points are below.

  • At the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 UK based Notified Bodies will no longer be recognised to oversee CE marking.
  • ALL Plywood mills using a UK Notified Body to oversee CE marking of Structural Plywood need to take some action urgently if they have not already done so.
  • UK Notified Bodies are in the process of writing to all their clients including those based overseas, offering them two alternatives.

a) Remain registered with your UK Notified Body, who will automatically become a UK Approved Body from 1st January 2021 and start applying the new UK CA mark


b) Transfer to a partner European Notified Body and continue to apply the CE mark

Given the significant shipment times and the desire of Plywood mills to supply the whole European market it is likely option b) will be preferred. See below for the implication of each option.

  • All CE marked Structural Plywood certified by a UK notified body and placed on the UK or EU market before 31 December 2020 can continue to be legally sold and used for construction. However, such goods can not be re-exported to another market after this date.
  • CE marked Structural Plywood certified by a UK notified body cannot be imported and legally placed on the UK or EU market after 1 January 2021
  • All CE marked Structural Plywood overseen by an EU notified body can continue to be imported and placed on the UK market until 31 December 2021. Once on the UK market, such goods remain valid for UK construction even after this date.

Implications of the first option a) for Plywood mills.

  • Will need new product stamps / labels which carry the UK CA symbol
  • Will have to amend their quality manual to reflect this change in marking
  • Will need a revised DOP to reflect change
  • Products will be fully compliant with UK requirements but will no longer be legally acceptable in the EU or Northern Ireland.

Implications of the second option b) for companies

  • Products will be fully complaint with UK requirements but only up until 31st December 2021 at which point, they will need to implement UK CA marking with a UK Approved Body.
  • Products will remain legally acceptable in EU and Northern Ireland markets
  • Will need to amend product documentation to reflect a different Notified Body number and name


  • Q: My Indonesian plywood mill is using BM TRADA to oversee CE marking and supplying product to several European countries what should we do?

A: Best option for the short term is b) transfer to their European partner Notified Body and continue CE marking. But you need to ensure this is applied to all shipments arriving after 1st January 2021.  The mill will also need to review the situation again during 2021 once more information is available.

  • Q: Our Chinese Plywood mill is using the German Notified Body HFB do we need to act now?

A: NO, CE marked products supported by an EU Notified Body remain valid on EU, UK and Northern Ireland markets. But the mill will need to review the situation again during 2021 once more information is available.

  • Q: Our Malaysian Structural Plywood uses a UK Notified Body, and the next shipment is arriving in the UK during December 2020, do these goods remain valid for sale?

A: YES, these goods will remain fully compliant with UK legislation and can be sold without restriction in the UK construction market. However, these goods will NOT be valid for re-export to the EU or Northern Ireland after 1st January 2021.

  • Q: We have currently have stocks of CE marked Structural Plywood in the UK and have a taken an order for a customer in Ireland to be delivered in January 2021, we presume this will be acceptable?

A: No unfortunately not, the authorises in Ireland have been very clear, unless the goods are on the ground in Ireland or on a vehicle travelling to Ireland by 11pm on the 31st December CE marked goods supported by a UK Notified Body will not be valid for their market.


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