Brexit Update: Coniferous Quota

Brexit Update: Coniferous Quota 


This week as we edge closer to the Brexit deadline, we have had a number of members asking about the position regarding the duty-free Coniferous Quota and until now there has been no official Government information available.

However, it has now been announced that the legislation to implement the quota was laid before the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday and has been made publicly available late yesterday via the links below. Most importantly on page 20 of the reference document we now have a Quota number 05.0013 which makes the quota official starting on 1st January and should be used by members to make their customs declarations for qualifying coniferous plywood.

The Statutory Instrument The Customs (Tariff Quotas) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020.

The Reference Documents for The Customs (Tariff Quotas) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

The volume under the quota will be 167,352m3 exclusively for the UK and as we understand it Northern Ireland. This represents the average over 5yrs of UK receipts against the EU quota.

The TTF has also received questions regarding the duty rates which will apply from 1 January 2021 to UK imports from the rest of the world. On this, the UK Government has confirmed that the UK Global Tariff will apply to goods you import from 1 January 2021 unless there is a specific trade agreement in place, or the UK has granted the country GSP status.

Members can check duty rates for specific products using this link:

Members can check which countries have signed bilateral trade agreements with the UK via this link:
And can check which counties are being granted GSP status via this link:

Now the UK EU negotiations are almost finished there is a flood of legislation and announcements coming from the UK Government. One critical clarification has been that shipments coming from Europe that start their journey before 31 December but arrive in GB in early January will not now need customs clearance. It had been thought this would be linked to the date goods physically arrived in the UK but now appears to be linked to despatch date. See this link for further details:

For more information on Brexit, visit our Brexit page

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