Brinkmanship, plant health and webinars

Brinkmanship, plant health and webinars


With only a few days left until another Brexit trade deal deadline, the TTF are continuing to push for clarity on Brexit matters, including plant health. 

As the Brexit brinkmanship continues, another deadline looms next week on 19 November with no sense of certainty about whether a trade deal with the EU will be achieved. This comes as haulage bosses slam the failure of government to produce a handbook to help truck drivers prepare for new border controls.

Here at the TTF we continue to push for clarity on matters, including the overlooked issue of plant health. It was good to receive an update from government urging industry to check plant import and export guidance, though again the lack of specific advice for timber products gives us concern that these messages will not reach the right audience. Instead, it seems largely left to industry to communicate these changes, and I hope all find the information on our Brexit Hub more digestible.

I will again remind members of our Brexit webinars coming up in a fortnight, Brexit and the timber supply chain’, for all of our members and friends in the UK timber industry, and for EU suppliers Supplying the UK timber industry’.

On the note of webinars, I would like to thank all who attended yesterday’s webinar on the Tropical Timber Market, particularly our speakers who came to deliver insight all the way from places as distant as Cameroon, Ghana and Indonesia. These ‘on the ground’ insights are invaluable to our members grappling with rapidly changing supply chains amidst this pandemic. We will make videos of the speakers’ presentations available for all next week, and apologies for any technical difficulties.

We have another webinar focused on European and American Hardwoods on Wednesday 18 November, from 14:00-16:00 (GMT). I do encourage all interested to sign up, as it promises to be an interesting session with representatives from the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), and European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry delivering what will be fascinating – and crucial – presentations, for all our members.

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