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Broad boardwalk: stopping slip-ups
12th July 2018

Broad boardwalk: stopping slip-ups

Rushden Lakes retail development in Northamptonshire, led by masterplan developers HPW Architecture, links a 400,000 sq ft retail and restaurant complex with four existing nature reserves, each a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), for visitors to explore.

The resulting creation of the Nene Wetlands, a one-mile-square space for visitors to get closer to nature, needed a sympathetic material for its walkways yet, so close to water, also needed to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls in all weathers. Antislip Plus Smooth deck boards, from Timber Trade Federation member Marley Eternit, combined the natural appearance of solid wood with smooth aggregate inserts producing a level surface, more easily negotiable by wheelchairs, prams, cycles, and pedestrians.

The level, smooth-faced decking chosen for Rushden Lakes facilitates high levels of human traffic. Cutting boards to fit can be achieved using an 125mm angle grinder with either a 3mm or 5mm cutting disc.

Timber decking can present either a smooth or a castellated surface, and slip-resisting decking normally has aggregate strips inserted. With Marley Eternit’s Antislip Smooth Plus, the aggregate is injected into grooves which have been specifically machined into the timber in either two or three places to receive it. This allows a smoother surface underfoot, and prevents the accumulation of dirt and detritus.

The product can be treated to either Use Class 3 for use above ground, or, for timber in ground contact, treated to Use Class 4.  Service life can be specified to either 15 or 30 years. Combining both factors produces a natural-looking low maintenance surface.



Timber sourcing

Marley Eternit is Timber Trade Federation Responsible Purchasers, undertaking the rigorous due diligence which the status involves.

The company also holds both Forest   Stewardship Council® and PEFC™ chain of custody certification. As part of its own responsible sourcing policy, Marlet Eternit is committed to developing and providing life-cycle information to specifiers. Its environmental and corporate responsibility drivers include energy reduction, water use reduction, reducing transport impacts and, more widely, reducing carbon emissions throughout its operations and product range.


Project Info

Location: Nene Wetlands Visitor Centre, Rushden, England
Architect: HPW Architecture
Wood Supplier: Marley Eternit
Materials: Antislip Plus Smooth deck boards


[Download this project as .pdf here]