BVRIO issues guide to help operators conduct due diligence of tropical timber in Liberia
10th January 2018

BVRIO issues guide to help operators conduct due diligence of tropical timber in Liberia

The Brazilian NGO BVRio has issued a practical guide – free to download – to facilitate conducting Due Diligence of tropical timber products in Liberia. The guide follows the publication of a first guide, released in October 2017 and focused on Brazil and Ghana.

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI)“Liberia is home to globally significant forests and most of its people depend on them for their livelihoods. An estimated 45% of Liberia land area is covered by forest (approximately 4.5 million ha), and roughly half of it is relatively intact. Liberian forests represent over half of the remaining rainforests in West Africa, and they are characterized by moist evergreen forests and semi-deciduous forests cover (predominantly in north Liberia) [2014].”

The objective of BVRIO series of practical guides is to summarise the main documents that need to be collected, and how to interpret them, in order to conduct due diligence of timber consignments to be imported from different countries into the US and European markets. It also provides a summary of the main risks associated with timber legality that the due diligence must address, for each individual country.

These series of guides complement BVRio Due Diligence and Risk Assessment system, an online system to assist timber traders in conducting the due diligence of individual timber consignments.

The main objective of these series of practical guides and of BVRio Responsible Timber Exchange is to enable wood traders to screen out illegal timber from their supply base and, through demand-side pressure, help combat illegality in the sector.