Catch up on #TDChallenge22 lectures

Catch up on #TDChallenge22 lectures

ARTICLE · By Timber Development UK · 28 March 2022

Over the past three months as part of the Timber Development UK University Design Challenge (#TDChallenge22) we have hosted a series of webinars with experts from across the built environment. There has been an incredible response from the community who are keen to share knowledge. We are sharing some highlights from the lectures series, which are just as valuable to the industry and professionals as they are to students.

Timber and tomorrow’s built environment

Learn how timber can make a difference to the way we design, specify and construct buildings to minimise our environmental impact.

00:00 Tabitha Binding Timber Development UK – introduction to the Southside Hereford: University Design Challenge. | 0:05:05 Scott McAulay, Anthropocene School of Architecture – A Call to Action. | 0:12:50 Harsha Gore & Mohit Buch, Decolonise Architecture – Decolonising and global technologies. | 0:23:51 Pablo van der Lugt – Tomorrow’s Timber | 0:57:02 The Enterprise Centre James Todd, Architype & Malachy McNamara, BDP Further information

Engineering value: Whole-life cost

Examine how MMC and the DfMA overlay with the right procurement and how alliancing strategy can deliver timber buildings that are planet and people and climate-friendly.

00:00 Setting the scene: Kirsty Connell-Skinner | 0:04:39  MMC & DfMA : George Pleasence, Cast Consultancy 0:26:05 | Procuring Timber Buildings: Alex Abbey & Carol Costello, Cullinan Studio | 0:50:00 Benefits of IPI and alliancing: Louise Lado-Byrnes | 1:14:35 Collaborative Framework Case Study, Edinburgh Home Demo: Nicola Jackson, Robertson Construction / Offsite Solutions Scotland

21st Century Timber

Find out about timber and its properties, the how to choose products which will help you to efficiently and effectively construct passive house buildings that are people, planet and climate friendly.

00:00 Setting the Scene: Tabitha Binding | 0:01:56 Timber Material Properties: Dan Ridley Ellis, Edinburgh Napier | 0:31:22 Engineered Timber Products: Wojciech Plowas, Edinburgh Napier | 1:05:40 Case Study – Wigan Veterinary Centre, Jasper Meade, PYC Group

Timber Connections for System Performance 

Hear how connections make or break a timber building. You will learn about the products that are available, considerations needed and their application in large or small span and passive house buildings.

00:00 Setting the Scene: Kirsty Connell-Skinner | 0:02:38 Overview of Connection Types: Andrew Livingstone, Edinburgh Napier | 0:20:52 Connecting Small Scale Timber Structures: Gavin Knowles, University of Bath | 0:42:03 Connecting Large Scale Timber Structures: Shingi Tarirah, Whitby Wood | 1:06:02 Connections in Passivhaus Design: Grigor Mitchell

Timber in a Sustainable Built Environment

Learn how we can achieve low carbon construction, protect and enhance biodiversity and create regenerative timber buildings that can be deconstructed and re-used making them people, planet, and climate friendly.

00:00 Setting the Scene – Charlie Law, Timber Development UK | 0:07:08 Achieving Low Carbon Construction – Francesco Pomponi, Edinburgh Napier University | 0:35:32 Protecting and Enhancing Biodiversity when Building – Jack Dilworth PLAN:design | 0:55:08 Developing Circularity and Regenerative Design – Adrian Campbell, Change Building | 1:27:00 TDChallenge22 Questions & Discussion

Trimble Software and Team Building Workshop

Find out about the software from Trimble from their SketchUp Studio package, including SketchUp Pro, LayOut, Sefaira energy modelling, SketchUp Shop (web), Trimble Connect, and viewers for mobile and AR/VR platforms.

00:00 Southside Hereford University Design Challenge – Kirsty Connell-Skinner, Edinburgh Napier University | 02:00 The SketchUp Studio package – Christopher Brasher, Steve Trimble 29:30 |  TDChallenge22 team building – Tab Binding, Timber Development UK

Structural Timber: Making the Right Choices

Hear how we can reduce embodied carbon by making the right structural material choices and how to begin to design with solid timber joists or i-joists to Passivhaus standards so that we can deliver timber buildings that are planet and people and climate-friendly.

02:19 Setting the Scene: Kelly Harrison, Whitby Wood | 07:19 Optioneering to Minimise Impact – Matt Caldwell, BuroHappold | 31:45 Theory of timber beam design: solid section versus I-Joist – Abel Munoz, James Jones | 49:40 Solid Section Design – James Norman, Bristol University | 1:07:52 I-Joists in Use – Beth Williams, Build Collective 1:23:29 Questions/discussion – TDChallenge22

Timber Buildings: Designing for Performance

Learn about designing buildings that perform. What that performance needs to be. How to specify and deliver timber buildings to the Passivhaus standard so that they are people and planet friendly.

0:00 – TDChallenge22 – Yogini Patel, Passivhaus Trust | 04:11 Anna Carton, PH Homes: Passivhaus & the design tools | 24:10 Florence Collier, humblebee: Details: Airtightness/ Thermal bridging/ Services 44:25 |  Polly Upton, Architype: Timber and Passivhaus – case studies | 1:02:55 Panel round up of essentials when designing for Passivhaus with timber

Timber Buildings: Getting it Right Onsite

Discover how to get it right on-site when building with timber. Understanding moisture during and post-construction, building with components and fully finished panels and large buildings – so that we can deliver timber buildings that are people and planet-friendly.

00:00 Intro – Robert Hairstans | 8:40 Moisture Management and Durability – Robin Lancashire, BM TRADA 35:56 | Building a Passive House – Jae Cotterell PH Homes | 59:40 Building Sustainable Communities – Jamie Keates, CITU | 1:13:35 Q & A and group discussion

Timber Buildings: Off-site and Industrialised Construction

Learn what off-site and industrialised construction is and how to pick the right system so that we can deliver timber buildings that are people and planet friendly.

00:00 Setting the Scene: Kirsty Connell-Skinner | 06:18 Off-site and Industrialised Timber Construction – Robert Hairstans | 27:30 Precision Engineered Framing Solutions – Tim Crump, Oakwrights | 52:45 Timber Volumetric Units, DfMA and Automation – Helena Lidelow 1:30:06 Q & A and group discussion

Timber Buildings: Performing as Intended

Learn about the performance gap, how to address acoustics and the importance of designing in your services from the beginning so that we can deliver timber buildings that perform and are people and planet-friendly.

0:00 TDChallenge22 – Tab Binding – Timber Development UK | 2:27 Building Performance Evaluation – Diana Waldron, WoodKnowledge Wales | 28:21 Timber Building Acoustics – Sean Smith, University of Edinburgh | 46:30 Heating, Ventilation and Hot Water – Gwilym Still, Max Fordham | 1:09:46 Discussion with Questions

Transforming Timber: Who, Why, How?

Discover how Transforming Timber our major sponsor – are transforming timber! Homegrown timber can be used to create low-carbon, high quality, energy efficient buildings that are people and planet-friendly.

0:00 TDChallenge22 – Tab Binding – Timber Development UK | 04:40 Sam Hart, CS-IC – Introduction to Construction Scotland Innovation Centre | 16:45 Matt Stevenson, Ecosystems Technologies – Manufacturing the Future Built Environment our Renewable Natural Capital | 36:23 Professor Robert Hairstans, NMITE & Wojciech Plowas, Edinburgh Napier University – Homegrown Engineered Timber Products | 1:33:40 Professor Luke Bisby, University of Edinburgh – Timber Performance in Fire

Timber: Useful Resources from our Sponsors 

Hear from our silver sponsors – PEFC, Wood for Good, Timber Decking and Cladding Association and Stora Enso. During this event, they introduced their products, tools and essential information to inform how to design, specify and deliver timber buildings.

03:17 PEFC UK – Alun Watkins | 19:38 Wood for Good – Sarah Virgo | 37:04 TDCA – Janet Sycamore | 55:15 Accoya – Mike Lewis | 1:15:35 Stora Enso – Mila Duncheva

Bringing Timber into the Digital Age

Learn how digital technology is changing how timber is harvested and processed, how automated manufacturing and artificial learning is changing manufacturing and how a digital platform could be the way forward as we deliver timber buildings that are people and planet-friendly.

0:00 TDChallenge22 – Tab Binding Timber Development UK |  03:05 Gary Newman – WoodKnowledge Wales | 11:53 Mila Duncheva & Gareth Mason – Stora Enso | 41:30 Dr Luke Whale – Staircraft

Timber Performance in Fire

Find out about the physics of fire and timber, the role of a fire engineer and how timber products perform in a fire. This talk is an introduction and essential for all who design, specify, engineer and construct timber buildings.

0:00:00 TDChallenge22 and intro – Robert Hairstans, NMITE | 0:08:45 The role of a Fire Engineer – Andrea White, A W Fire Ltd | 0:34:49 The Physics of Fire and Timber –Professor Jose Torero Cullen, UCL | 0:59:14 How timber products perform in fire – Martin McLaggan, University of Sheffield | 1:16:00 Questions

Quality and the Built Environment 

Hear how quality, technical approval, testing, commissioning, and certification are key to deliver timber buildings that are people and planet friendly and perform.

00:00 TDChallenge22 – Yogini Patel, Passivhaus Trust | 05:15 Technical approval process – Mark Milne, CS-IC | 23:42 Passivhaus Certification – Sarah Lewis, Passivhaus Trust | 41:47 Ventilation & Building Services – Dr Sarah Price, QODA | 58:45 Performance monitoring – Tom Fennel, Veritherm

University Design Challenge 2022

This roundup event looks back at the #TDChallenge22 webinar series.

00:00 David Hopkins – CE, Timber Development UK | 05:32 Tabitha Binding – Timber Development UK | 08:10 Prof. Robert Hairstans – Director, CATT at NMITE | 25:56 Yogini Patel – Head of Campaigns and Comms Passivhaus Trust

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