CCC report calls for greater use of wood

CCC report calls for greater use of wood


Low carbon retrofits, buildings that are fit for the future, tree planting, and a movement towards a circular economy are all identified by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) as key investment priorities for building a resilient recovery.

These principles are shared by the timber supply chain, with countless case studies which demonstrate the strength of wood – not only for delivering sustainable, innovative and beautiful buildings, but for Carbon Capture and Storage.

The CCC made these calls in their Reducing UK Emissions Progress Report to Parliament, June 2020, where they directly called for the UK to “rapidly scale up the use of wood in construction”.

At the TTF we have been working with our partners across the timber supply chain, universities, businesses and researchers for some years now to get this point recognised. It is heartening to see it being continually pushed by the CCC, and increasingly by MPs.

Home insulation, tree-planting and zero carbon transformation are not fringe issues in Parliament, receiving near universal recognition as priorities across all political parties. All are being called for now in our recovery from COVID-19.

This is part of what is special about the CCC report which contains advice on ‘securing a green and resilient recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic’ and ‘turning the COVID-19 crisis into a defining moment in the fight against climate change’.

The UK has seen record reductions in carbon emissions this year as a result of COVID-19 – but these will be short lived if we return to business as usual. If the UK is to achieve its carbon emissions targets there must be year on year sustained reductions in emissions.

Now is the time for timber to be embraced across UK construction and policy makers.

By making an investment in sustainable construction in the upcoming stimulus package, the Government will demonstrate leadership in Net Zero.

With the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Road to Recovery calling for a movement to decarbonise the industry and embrace manufacturing over the course of the COVID-19 recovery, the use of wood in construction must grow.

We are continuing to actively engage with CLC and ensure that timber is at the table. Our Head of Technical and Trade Nick Boulton has been a voice of reassurance during product supply meetings to an industry anxious to ensure supplies are there to meet demand.

In the timber industry we will be continuing to do all we can to encourage greater use of wood and timber innovation by sharing our expertise with industry and policy makers.

As we move into the retrofit agenda, there are many timber products to highlight which offer great energy and carbon savings with wood a natural thermal insulator; 15 times better than concrete; 400 times better than steel and 1,770 times better than aluminium.

Keep an eye out for our August issue of Good Wood Business which has a focus on retrofit for Merchants.

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