Exporting CE Marked Products in a No Deal Brexit
30th August 2019

Exporting CE Marked Products in a No Deal Brexit

From 31st October 2019, in a No Deal Brexit, CE marked wood products supported by a UK Notified Body and placed on the EU27 market will not be valid. 

In order to qualify as placed on the EU27 market, your product will have to already be in an EU Member State or demonstrably sold your product to an EU customer before 31st October.

From this we presume that, post-Brexit, customs officials in each EU Member State will require an accompanying sales document dated prior to 31st October for any goods CE marked with a UK notified body reference. 

To continue exporting, your product will need a revised CE mark supported by a different notified body recognised by the EU27. A list of EU notified bodies are available on the European Commission’s website. The revised CE mark will need to reflect a new notified body reference and potentially a new FPC certificate reference.

We recommend manufacturers to contact their current notified body to discuss how this change can be carried out and what implications this may have in terms of CE marks and accompanying documentation.