CEI-Bois statement on restoring the world’s forests

CEI-Bois statement on restoring the world’s forests

ARTICLE · By Timber Trade Federation · 20 Dec 2019

CEI-Bois has released a statement welcoming the EU Communication on “Stepping up EU action to protect and restore the world’s forests” and supports the EU’s objective to prevent deforestation and forest degradation at a global level. The

The European woodworking industry considers the priorities outlined in the Communication,  to be the right way forward. Preventing deforestation and promoting sustainable forestry is not a matter for the EU alone, and therefore a partnership approach is important.

Acknowledged in the EU Communications was that the main direct driver of deforestation worldwide is land use change caused by agricultural expansion (accounting for 80% of total deforestation), with weak governance, illegal activities and lack of investment in sustainable forest management also playing a role.

The EU woodworking industry agrees on the need to carefully assess the potential for further regulatory and non-regulatory actions and the impacts of possible new measures. The assessments should also take into account strengthening the enforcement of existing legislation and tools.

CEI Bois made a number of recommendations in response to the Communication, including increasing the support to and awareness about FLEGT licensing system to improve forest governance in tropical countries and encourage the consumption of verified legal tropical timber.

To read the full statement from CEI Bois, click here.