CITES Dalbergia spp.(Rosewood) Licensing Update
10th February 2017

CITES Dalbergia spp.(Rosewood) Licensing Update

During the CITES CoP 17 meeting in September 2016, the decision was made to add all Dalbergia species to appendix II, with the exception of those already on appendix I (Dalbergia nigra). These new appendices listings came into force under CITES on 2nd January 2017.

These changes have now been published in the Official Journal of the European Union and came into force in the EU on 4 February 2017. This means that from this date the CITES licensing requirements for Dalbergia spp. imports and exports will apply. A website run by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) contains detailed guidance on how CITES licensing works in the UK and how to apply for import and re-export licenses, the fees associated and contact details for the relevant CITES team.

For any members importing Dalbergia timber into the UK, who are not already aware of the requirements for obtaining CITES export licenses from their suppliers and applying for import licenses themselves the above website is very useful. The TTF can also provide advice on applying for CITES licenses.


India and Indonesia Reservations on inclusion of Dalbergia spp. In Appendix II

Both countries have issued reservations on the inclusion of Dalbergia spp. and are not currently issuing CITES export licenses. Indonesia’s reservation is in place until at least 4th July 2017. This means that in the meantime, to export Dalbergia to the UK, they will be required to provide enough documentation to be considered as ‘comparable’ to a CITES license. The APHA have informed us that the European Commission is currently seeking answers to what additional information is required for any accompanying documentation to be considered ‘comparable’ to a CITES license. They will inform the TTF when more information becomes available.