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Colourful Cumaru: ringing the changes on cladding
1st August 2018

Pictures - Copyright:  Jefferson Smith/Media 10 Images 

Colourful Cumaru: ringing the changes on cladding

From golden tans to medium red-browns and small touches of violet shades, Cumaru is a less well-known hardwood species, strong and classed as very durable.

Also known as Brazillian Teak’, Cumaru grows widely across South and Central America. Architects Walker Nicholas used its varied colouring to bring a fresh look to timber cladding in this project, featured on TV’s Grand Designs programme.

Timber Trade Federation member Bennetts Timber only sources FSC® certified Cumaru for its cladding, machining it for this project in their own milling facilities. Bennetts arranged to have the Cumaru kiln dried to 7-10% moisture content, giving it an above-ground service life of some 30 years.

Cumaru cladding is naturally resistant to rot, insect attack, mould, fungus and decay. It requires little maintenance and no treatment prior to installation. Though Cumaru is difficult to work, Bennetts Timber has the expertise to do so. Cumaru planes and finishes to a smooth surface and can take a high polish. Cumaru cladding naturally weathers to an attractive grey over time. The extent to which it changes colour is highly variable, and every project is different.

To reduce the rate of colour change, Bennetts Timber can apply a clear treatment containing a UV filter, which will occasionally need to be renewed. A further alternative is to apply a stain which will maintain its rich variation in colour. With their specialist cladding knowledge, Bennetts Timber can offer both machining and timber treatment facilities. Stains and treatments are factory-applied, ensuring consistency.



Timber sourcing

Bennetts Timber, as a signatory to the Timber Trade Federation’s Responsible Purchasing Policy, sources its Cumaru also in accordance with its Forest Stewardship Council® chain of custody certification.

Stringent due diligence is applied when sourcing timber for specifiers’ projects, and Bennetts Timber offer advice on suitable species and alternatives to achieve project budgets and aesthetic outcomes. Bennetts Timber, established in 1804, are proud providers of Timber you can Trust.


Projects Info

Location: York, North Yorkshire, England
Architect: Walker Nicholas 
Wood Supplier: Bennetts Timber
Main Wood Species: Cumaru
Notes: featured in Grand Design TV Show


[Download this project as .pdf here]