Coniferous Plywood Quota

Monitoring the Coniferous Plywood Quota

UK Importers have access to a duty-free quota of 167,352m³ of coniferous plywood to be imported into the UK and Northern Ireland, after which 6% duty will be applied. This quota became effective in 2021, after the UK left the European Union. Previous to 2021, the quota was set at 650,000m³ of coniferous plywood for the whole of the EU.


Please note this quota should not be used for imports from sources where the UK has a free trade agreement in place such as the EU, Canada, Chile, or South Africa. The tariff quota number is 050013.

Current balance

How to monitor & How to declare

How to monitor the UK Coniferous quota

A facility has been set up via the UK Trade Tariff to allow progress against the UK quota to be monitored. View the import section of the specific commodity code page related to the quota – 44 12 39 00 10.


Here is the direct link


Scroll down until you see the tariff quota section as below:

Click on the tariff quota Order No. 050013 and details appear in a pop-up box as below.

Definition and Declaration

Definition for commodity 4412390010

Plywood of coniferous species, without the addition of other substances, of a thickness greater than 18,5 mm when sanded, or of a thickness greater than 8,5 mm when the faces are not further prepared than the peeling process.

When you cannot make declarations

As stated above, members should not make declarations against the quota where other duty-free trade arrangements are already in place. Examples for declarations NOT to be included in the quota would be:

  • EU Coniferous Plywood
  • Chilean Coniferous Plywood
  • South African Coniferous Plywood
  • Canadian Coniferous Plywood

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