Construction, continuity and COVID

Construction, continuity and COVID


The Government’s determination to get the country back to work was sustained over the weekend as pubs reopened, (though not the toilets) and police warning the public to “enjoy the bars, but don’t end up behind them.” 

While many will be excited to have a pint at the pub, get back into the workplace, or out to the shops, the risk of COVID-19 remains real. Continuing your actions to safeguard your staff is essential, and one-metre plus does not mean two metres is abandoned as best practice. However, it does seem in terms of the current crisis we are now getting back to work.

Many economic forecasters have resumed a ‘V’ shaped recession assumption, retaining the sharp fall in activity during Q2 with economic activity bouncing back over Q3 and Q4.

Anecdotally, this appears to be the case for our members. Feedback from the NSD market meeting this week suggests demand is very strong across the supply chain though, for how long, we cannot be sure – it’s fair to say we are in an unprecedented bubble.

There are not many who could make an accurate prediction about their business finances for Q4 at this stage, and we are all aware of the warnings from various quarters of unemployment, second waves, and other negative impacts to come.

The situation seems a bit like over-drinking in a pub with no toilets…..we have to be prepared for this bubble to burst..!!

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