Construction remains on the rise in the latest CPA survey

Construction remains on the rise in the latest CPA survey

BLOG · BY TTF CEO DAVID HOPKINS · 01 September 2021

The construction supply chain is carrying a positive outlook into the year ahead, according to the latest Construction Products Association (CPA) Construction Trade Survey, which takes a deep dive into Q2 2021.

The survey shows construction remained in expansion mode, with private housing and RM&I leading the industry. I have not seen any data which suggests this trend has relented, even as we continue to closely monitor tension in the timber supply chain.

Much of the activity in these sectors has been sustained by government housing policies, an increase in the disposable income across households in the UK, and a homeworking trend that has been driving demand for greater or improved outdoor and office space, which may yet change.

All of the CPA reports are available to our members on our Statistics Hub, and across their most recent industry scenarios and surveys (as well as our own), there is a clear picture. Construction is on the rise, even as material shortages and labour pose major challenges.

I look forward to talking with our committee members next week to find out more about their experiences in the market, with meetings for the NSD and NPPD on 7 and 9 September respectively.

In other news, our Conversations About Climate Change exhibition ends today in the Building Centre­. While not all will have had the chance this year to visit in person, all of the designs and media will remain online giving all the opportunity to view.

We hope you do take the time to check it out, and I would like to give a special thank you to all those who took part and ensured its success.

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