Continued rising roundwood prices in Sweden
2nd November 2018

Continued rising roundwood prices in Sweden

Sawlog and pulpwood prices in Sweden rose by 5.5% and 3.4% respectively in the Q3, compared to the Q2 of 2018.

The prices are increasing in all of Sweden. The price of sawlog increased the most in the central region with 8.4%, while prices rose by 7.5% in the south region  and by 2.6% in the north region.

The pulpwood prices rose most in the south region by 7.5%, 3.4% in the north region and by 2.5% in the central region.

In comparison to Q3 of 2017 the prices on sawlog have increased by 11.3% while the prices on pulpwood have increased by 15.6%. The single largest price increase is 19.6%, on pulpwood of pine in the south region.

The delivery price statistics are also based on sold volumes, that are used for the volume weighted average delivery price. These volumes have dropped by 17% in comparison to Q3 of 2017. This is the lowest volume for the third quarter that the Swedish Forest Agency has quarterly statistics for, a time series that began in 1999.

The survey is part of Official Statistics of Sweden. The statistics are not seasonally adjusted or calendar corrected.

Explanations of delivery prices

Delivery prices which the forest owner delivery’s on the road, with or without the assistance of employees or contractors. Wood measurement occurs most often when arriving at the industry. In most cases, volume and quality are assessed upon delivery in accordance with the Wood Measurement Act as applied by the regional wood measurement councils. The amount of payment is determined by pricelists.

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