Continuing issues with the Coniferous plywood quota system 

Continuing issues with the Coniferous plywood quota system

ARTICLE · By Timber Trade Federation · 12 February 2021

The official online information is suggesting the coniferous quota has almost expired. However, given the import information available to TTF members we are arguing strongly this can not possibly be the case and have lodged a formal request with the Tariff Management team for investigation and amendment on this basis.

TTF and its members have made the case that while many products may be declared against commodity code 4412390010. Very few can legitimately be allocated against the Coniferous quota.

Imports from Europe, Canada, Chile and South Africa should all be allocated against the Bi-lateral duty free trade agreements which have been signed and are in place for these countries. There is also no evidence that coniferous throughout plywood is coming from China. If any members are selling such a product please contact Nick Boutlon urgently.

This leaves only goods from Brazil as the main allocation against the quota. We are fortunate to have access to the coniferous plywood export data from Brazil and this indicates that even if all the Coniferous Plywood shipped to the UK since October had been declared there would still be over half the quota remaining.

We are awaiting a response from the Tariff Management Team and will keep members informed of developments.

Visit our Confierous Plywood Quota page for the latest update and how you can monitor the quota yourself.

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