Conversations about Climate Change – OPENS

Conversations about Climate Change – Opens in-person exhibition

ARTICLE · By Lucy Bedry FLEGT Communications Executive · 14 May 2021

We are delighted to announce the in-person opening of the Conversations about Climate Change exhibition, at the Building Centre in London. 

The collaboration exhibition – Conversations about Climate Change – showcasing the designs of six architects and designers will be open throughout the summer from the 17th of May until the 3rd of September.

Ahead of the COP26 climate talks in November hosted in Glasgow, this tropical timber exhibition presents a range of topical subjects around responsible sourcing, sustainable forest managementcarbon trading and our role as humans interconnected with the climate emergency.

Originally scheduled to open in November 2020, the delayed opening contrives important analogies that, like the current coronavirus pandemic, our climate system holds tipping points that once triggered will be irreversible and exacerbate the climate crisis beyond the control of human impact or mitigation. Put simply: the climate will not wait.

People respond to objects and design differently than words on a screen or piece of paper. We aim to use this understanding to help convey the importance of FLEGT, the TTF’s support to this action plan and promoting positive messaging of tropical timber.

FLEGT is the EU (European Union) Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade Action Plan to reduce illegal logging and associated illegal timber trade, through strengthening sustainable and legal forest management, improving governance, and promoting trade in legally produced timber. Increased transparency, accountability, and oversight along the entire supply chain – from the forest floor to manufacturer to end-user – means that FLEGT-licensed timber is a safe, legal and responsible method of using tropical timber.

Visitors to the exhibition will be taken on a climate journey exploring key areas of conversations: from rising global temperatures to sea level rise to the importance of trees and management within our mitigative action against the climate crisis. 

The exhibition explores how timber from responsible sources, supporting a balance between harvesting and regrowth through sustainable forest management, is an essential avenue for sustainable trade and keeping the forests standing.

Forests are our greatest tool for tackling the climate crisis and environmental issues across the globe. Safeguarding our planet can be as simple as safeguarding the lifecycles of our trees. We cannot hesitate or defer actions mitigating the climate emergency.

Find out more about Conversations about Climate Change here or explore the virtual exhibition here.