Conversations about Climate Change VIRTUAL Exhibition

Conversations about Climate Change VIRTUAL Exhibition


The Timber Trade Federation, in collaboration with the Building Centre, announce the virtual opening of the Conversations about Climate Change exhibition from the 12th FEB.

Showcasing the six winning designs / conversationalists (see below), chosen on their ability to provoke important climate conversations in the lead up to the postponed COP26 climate talks in November 2021, this exhibition goes further to explore the climate emergency.

Conversations about Climate Change instigates much needed discussions around responsible sourcing, sustainable forest management, the FLEGT Action Plan, climate change mitigation and the timber industry for a low-carbon economy.

By choosing to build with sustainable timber, designers and specifiers connect themselves to a supply chain which helps keep forests standing. A circular economy, using material, wood, which absorbs and stores carbon – rather than emits carbon.

Showcasing the beauty of tropical hardwood species, Conversations about Climate Change also raises awareness of the EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan to eradicate illegal logging and trade. Highlighting the prospects of timber and the importance of responsible sourcing and sustainable forest management, all designs have been fabricated from tropical hardwoods through Timber Trade Federation members from countries working towards FLEGT licensing. Species showcased include: Sapele, Iroko, Meranti, Keruing and Teak from VPA countries across the globe: Malaysia, Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon, Indonesia, and from the Congo Basin.

This design competition highlights the transformations taking place in countries undergoing FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements, the prerequisite of FLEGT licensing. Through this education we are encouraging designers, architects, specifiers and retailers to include FLEGT-licensed timber in their procurement policies as a method of timber legality assurance, providing a market incentive for VPA countries and a ‘green lane’ into timber trading within the EU and UK.

Join in the conversation! Live from the 12th February. (Sign up here)

Conversations about Climate Change is a partnership between the Timber Trade Federation and the Building Centre. Supported by the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) and the Built Environment Trust. 

Carbon Print

Joseph Pipal Furniture

CNC’ed Meranti timber block © Joseph Pipal

The installation of Carbon Print looks at carbon storage from the perspective of handmade objects, and in the dust left on a carpenter’s workshop floor, to illustrate on an intimate scale the beauty of carbon in wood, and its capital value.


Julian and Julia Kashdan Brown Architects

Extraction column © Charlie Palmer Models

Extract too much, and the system will collapse! Extraction looks at the demands on the natural resource of timber by countries around the world, overexploitation and the precariousness of global demands for commodities.

Forest Dwellers

Curio Studio

Chimpanzee, Forest Dweller © Tom Wilson

The four loveable Forest Dwellers prompt conversation about the role of forestry for protecting the world’s natural habitats and biodiversity.

High Tide


High Tide model © Michael Westthorp

The installation High Tide, provides a clear depiction of how, as a result of human activity, global sea levels are rising annually, threatening the livelihoods of 600 million people by 2120.

Sapele Sound Pavilion

Studio Yu + Crewdson

Sapele Sound Pavilion graphic drawing © Jeremy Yu

The Sapele Sound Pavilion installation creates a spectacle for the senses, focusing primarily on emotional responses that can be evoked through the light and shadow, the scent of the forests, touch of the timber and melodies of the soundscape within.

Tree Whisperer

Sheryl Ang and Yuta Nakayama

Meranti and Keruing trees © Sherly Ang and Yuta Nakayama

Tree Whisperers produces unique pulsing beats that reflect how different tree species would respond to the changing global climate.