Conversations about Climate Change

Conversations about Climate Change

Conversations about Climate Change is a specially commissioned design competition, exhibition, and event series providing a platform for urgent climate debates.


The initiative falls under the Timber Trade Federation’s FLEGT project work, facilitated through the FLEGT team and utilising the resources from Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) countries the TTF’s hardwood members.


The concept our Conversations about Climate Change competition, exhibition and event series is to foster better communication between countries who are currently implementing or negotiating their Voluntary Partnership Agreement and end users of these timber products – architects, designers, craftspeople, specifiers, retailers – and further afield.


We are showing that timber harvesting from sustainable forest management sources will actually keep the forests standing – providing governance and legal reforms are in place. We can support this by keeping trade alive and money flowing back to those making the positive changes through their country Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA).


The initial part of this work was our Climate Conversations which closes on the 24th August.


Following this – during the period that the winning designs will be fabricated and exhibited – we are running a series of ‘In conversation with…‘, to continue climate conversations in light of COP26 being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The first of these conversations is ‘In conversation with Kat Scott‘, Architects’ Climate Action Network coordinator. Full details for this event can be found here.