Conversations about Climate Change Winners

Conversations about Climate Change Winners

ARTICLE · By Lucy Bedry · 24 September 2020

The Timber Trade Federation’s Conversations about Climate Change competition – promoting the EU FLEGT Action Plan and the importance of specifying with timber for the climate emergency – is evolving smoothly.

The Timber Trade Federation’s Conversations about Climate Change design competition, encouraged designers, architects, specifiers and craftspeople to consider their role of timber specifications for the climate emergency and how to utilise creations to spark conversations about climate change.

Entries to the competition were received from around the globe including: Cameroon, Colombia, the USA, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Australia, Kenya, Greece.

Designs were anonymised and shortlisted based on their response to the brief (a climate change conversation piece celebrating the properties of tropical timber), the quality of designs and their collective impact as an exhibition. Six designs have been selected to be developed and exhibited in the Conversations about Climate Change exhibition, held at and in association with the Building Centre in London opening 5th November (closes 5th December).

The six winning designs include a sound pavilion made of sapele; timber forest dwellers of apes from VPA countries; an Iroko column portraying the precariousness of current resource extraction; a teak sculptural marker demonstrating high tide to highlight the impact of global warning; carbon printing blocks signifying the potential carbon storage of tropical hardwoods; and a series of wind-up instrumental trees, tree whisperers demonstrates the pulsing beats of tree species responding to rising global temperatures.

Judging by Adam Brinkworth, Yinka Ilori, Julia Barfield, Andrew Waugh and Leah-Riley Brown presented a diverse representation of timber for the climate emergency. They joined David Hopkins and Vanessa Norwood, deliberating to select designs which would most strongly stimulate conversation around climate change, while presenting the aesthetic beauty of selected tropical hardwood species and ability to communicate the EU FLEGT Action Plan.

Tropical hardwood species selected include: Keruing, Meranti, Teak, Jelutong, Iroko, Sapele, Merbau, Greenheart, Utile, Ekki and Obeche. All timber for this project will be sourced through the Timber Trade Federation members’ in line with the TTF’s Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) to ensure responsible sourcing, and all from Voluntary Partnership Agreement Countries.

Conversations about Climate Change is part of the TTF’s FLEGT Communications project, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to grow the demand for FLEGT-licensed timber in Europe and the UK. This project serves to educate end users of timber products to explore tropical hardwoods from responsible sourcing and raise awareness to the FLEGT process and strengths.

The project, and all TTF’s FLEGT communications endeavors to illustrate that timber harvesting from sustainable forest management sources will actually keep the forests standing – providing governance and legal reforms are in place. Timber traders across the supply chain can support this by keeping trade alive, and money flowing back to those making the positive changes through their country Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA).

More information on the winners and their designs can be found here