Making use of Tropical Timber

Using market forces to save our forests

Forests are where timber comes from, and when we lose forests around the world to deforestation, whether from illegal logging or conversion of land for agriculture, this undermines the future of the industry. With no forests, there is no future for the industry.


All our members, both under our Responsible Purchasing Policy, and both UK and EU law, must only trade in sustainably sourced timber. By growing the market for sustainable timber, we can help ensure our forests stay standing. This includes in the tropical world, where forests are most threatened.


In this module you will learn about FLEGT, which stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade, which is a global effort by the UK and EU’s efforts to expand sustainable practices.


Once you have completed all sections of the module and successfully assessed your knowledge, you will be able to print your CPD certificate.

Course Provider: Timber Trade Federation


Cost: Free


Completion Time: At your leisure


Type: Online Course

Programme Content:
  • Explain what FLEGT is
  • Show the link between forest legality, sustainability and FLEGT
  • Describe the connection between FLEGT and certification
  • Give a broad analysis of the timber species available from FLEGT-engaged countries
  • Provide an insight into the work of the UK Timber Trade Federation and the UK/EU FLEGT Action Plan
  • Conclude with a short assessment to check understanding of the main themes
On completion:

You will have a firm grasp of the core idea of FLEGT and the ways in which the timber industry can help preserve tropical forests.