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TTF Academy online learning facility will not be available from Friday 18 December until Q2 2021, as it will be undergoing a planned redevelopment.


When it is relaunched, the new facility will provide all the relevant industry courses, both short and long, and in addition, will aim to bring together other relevant training material from our partners and associates.


Get up to date on the facts of timber as part of the Wood CO2ts less campaign, which showcases the importance of sustainable timber for combating climate change. Test your knowledge now.

Award in Timber Merchanting

Our online eLearning course provides you with all the tools and guidance you need to succeed as a timber merchant


This online programme consists of 18 modules, providing a Proskills accredited Level 2 Award in Timber Merchanting, as well as up to 70% of marks towards a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Merchant Supplies.


The programme is divided into four comprehensive sections: An introduction to Timber; Timber as a Material; Timber Products & Selling Timber.


Each module is fully interactive with quiz questions and is complemented by guided reading and project work.


The whole programme has a total qualification time of 39 hours (including required reading), representing a minimum two days’ classroom learning.


Cost: TTF members £95 pp | non-members £150 pp

Photo: James Donaldson Timber

Online Courses

Timber Training

Introduction to timber (RIBA CPD) - FREE

This is a general introduction to timber, the most sustainable of mainstream building materials. It is not intended to cover all timber topics, as these are available in individual modules. 

Wood with Wood (RIBA CPD) – FREE

This new RIBA-Accredited CPD looks at wood in construction, including: 

  • Introduction to Sustainable Timber 
  • Building with Timber Frame 
  • Building with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) 
  • Other Engineered Products 
  • Roofing, and 
  • Joists and Flooring 

Coatings and Preservatives (RIBA CPD) – FREE

This CPD feature has been produced by Wood Campus in co-operation with the Wood Protection Association, and accredited by the RIBA. It details issues around durability, classification and selection. 

This module covers: 

  • How design and choice of species affects the performance of coatings 
  • The different types of coatings and finishes 
  • Exposure conditions and planned maintenance 
  • Case studies 

Deck Design and installation (RIBA CPD) – FREE

Timber decking is the ideal way to blur the boundary between the interior and exterior of a property – domestic, industrial or commercial. A deck can transform any outdoor space and is the ideal structure for sloping sites, difficult terrain, boggy ground and water. In this CPD you will learn about the design, installation and aftercare of a timber deck. 

Fires Safety & FR-Rated Timber (RIBA CPD) – FREE

Following the Grenfell tragedy, compliance with fire safety requirements has come under the microscope more than ever before. The Hackitt Review has identified shortcomings in the product knowledge and understanding of the technical issues surrounding fire safety and material specification throughout the supply chain. This includes poor specification and a lack of effective enforcement of those specifications. 

Working in partnership with LABC, and in co-operation with Wood Campus, the Wood Protection Association has developed this e-learning course, along with other resources, to help Building Control Officers to improve their understanding of how wood behaves in a fire and how to enhance that performance to comply with Building Regulations and other regulatory requirements and so ultimately to build safer buildings. This course is equally applicable to all involved in the specification, use and regulation of flame retardant treated wood products. Work through each chapter before completing the end of course Assessment. 

Once you have completed all sections of the module and successfully assessed your knowledge, you will be able to print your CPD certificate. 

Target Staff 

Senior staff involved in buying, stocking, merchandising and selling interior and exterior timber cladding, as well as warehouse and yard managers. 

What you’ll learn 

  • How fire develops in three distinct phases and how FR treatment can delay the flashover point to a fully-developed fire
  • How fire performance is measured and tested, and the relevant standards and compliance with building regulations
  • What level of FR performance is required in different circumstances
  • The different methods of applying Flame Retardants and the importance of Factory Production Control
  • What fire performance is required by Building Regulations, including the latest changes
  • How to make sure products are properly treated

How to Procure Sustainable Timber (Video) – FREE

Dave Hopkins, Chief Executive of the TTF, presents this RIBA-accredited CPD video – a ‘must watch’ for anyone in procurement. 

Introduction to Windows (RIBA CPD) - FREE

Wood Windows are a beautiful addition to any house: in this module you will learn about:The Life Cycle Assessment, Service Life and Whole Life Cost of timber, modified timber and aluminium-clad timber windows; the performance of timber windows in terms of their energy-efficiency, weather resistance, acoustics and security; the different types and styles of windows, including heritage styles.

Procuring Sustainable Timber (RIBA CPD) – FREE

This CPD feature has been produced in co-operation with Wood Campus and is accredited by the RIBA. It covers all the important issues you need to be familiar with if you are to procure the most sustainable materials responsibly – Forest Legality and Sustainability, Certification, Legal and UK Government Requirements and How to Specify Sustainable Timber. 

Timber Cladding (RIBA CPD) - FREE

This module on timber cladding covers concept design and technical design stages of the RIBA Plan of Work. It offers a review of the award-winning Walk Barn Farm, Suffolk and a review of recent European projects using timber cladding. It also provides an introduction to the importance of specifying and detailing timber cladding correctly. 

It will help you understand and learn about the following topics: 

  • How to design using timber as an external cladding and the design effects that can be achieved  
  • How to ensure the sustainability of timber cladding and the procurement of legal and sustainable timber 
  • How to specify and detail cladding 
  • How to issue fixing instructions to the contractor 
  • Understand how to issue coating and maintenance advice to the contractor and customer  
  • Learn about the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations relating to timber cladding 

Wood in Interiors – FREE

This CPD module on using wood in interiors has been developed in collaboration with the Timber Trade Federation, the British Woodworking Federation and Swedish Wood, working with the British Institute of Interior Design. 

Business Support

Conflict Handling - £15

This module defines conflict, explores how it occurs and highlights the effects of conflict. It also delves into how to handle conflict to ensure that you can turn conflict into a force for good and not bad. 

Cyber Security - £15

This module provides an overview to the threats posed to our online security and how individuals and businesses can stay safe and protected. 

The module covers: 

  • Responsibility and preventing attacks 
  • Password management 
  • Social Engineering 
  • Identifying and preventing security breaches 

Handling Customer Complaints - £15

Handling complaints is an inevitable part of dealing with customers. In this module, we look at how to get the best possible outcome – for the 
business and the customer. 

Equality and Diversity - £15

We live in an increasingly globalised and culturally diverse society and it’s important that we are all treated fairly and not discriminated against. After completing this module, you will know the benefits equality and diversity bring to the workplace and will understand how to comply with your obligations under existing Equality Legislation. You will also become familiar with expected behaviours in the workplace and the types of behaviour that are not tolerated. 

Introduction to GDPR - £15

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. 

This introduction looks at what GDPR is, the foundations it is built on and how it will affect businesses and organisations in practice. Work through each section and then take the short assessment to complete the module. 

Microsoft Training

MS Access 2016: Introduction – £25 

MS Access 2016: Intermediate – £25 

MS Access 2016: Advanced – £25 

MS Excel 2016: Introduction – £25 

MS Excel 2016: Intermediate – £25 

MS Excel 2016: Advanced – £25 

MS Outlook 2016: Introduction – £25 

MS Outlook 2016: Intermediate – £25 

MS Outlook 2016: Advanced – £25 

MS Powerpoint 2016: Introduction – £25 

MS Powerpoint 2016: Intermediate – £25 

MS Powerpoint 2016: Advanced – £25 

MS Word 2016: Introduction – £25 

MS Word 2016: Intermediate – £25 

MS Word 2016: Advanced – £25 

Wood Campus is a key partner of the TTF, and provides a range of information and inspiration for those working in all areas of the timber industry. Whether you are interested in furthering your DIY skills or developing your architectural training, Wood Campus provides a wealth of expert advice and learning resources.


Wood Campus provides a range of free CPD learning programmes that are accredited by RIBA or BIID. CPD certificates are awarded on the successful completion of self-assessment modules.

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Discounted Training Services for Members

Option one

Work-based training and consultancy services delivered on-site, with services including: 


  • Short Courses
  • Apprenticeships
  • Diploma and NVQ Programmes
  • Consultancy Services




  • Professional Development
  • Woodworking
  • Industrial plant and equipment
  • Health and Safety

Option two

These programmes involve a mix of both online and offline training in courses including:


If you would like to access any of these programmes, come through our Academy Coodinator to ensure you receive any applicable TTF discounts.

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