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EU Commission opens public consultation on EUTR
1st February 2018

EU Commission opens public consultation on EUTR

On 29 January the European Commission launched the “Public Consultation on the product scope of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)”.

The consultation is open to any interested party, including operators (as defined under the EUTR), Traders (as defined under the EUTR), other businesses potentially concerned with a changed product scope, affected industry and/or trade associations, Member States’ EUTR Competent Authorities, Monitoring Organisations under the EUTR, Civil society organisations, non-EU timber-producing countries, general public.

“Following the evaluation of the effectiveness and functioning of the EUTR during its first two years of application, it was noted that the EUTR covers a significant number of timber products, but not all are included in its scope,” explains an EU Commission’s note. “The evaluation concluded that the European Commission may consider amending the product scope, subject to an impact assessment of options. The European Commission therefore undertook an impact assessment to analyse possible changes to the EUTR product scope.”

The aim of this consultation is to gather views and evidence on possible changes to the EUTR product scope.

The questionnaire – available here and open until 24 April 2018 – is structured around the main question whether the current product scope of the EUTR should be amended or not – and if yes, to what extent.

The Timber Trade Federation will gather evidence through the Forests Forever Committee and provide its comment in the next few weeks.

“We want to keep the reputation of the timber sector very high and EUTR represents a flexible, business friendly tool which allows companies to make their own judgements on their own supply chains,” said TTF Managing Director David Hopkins.

“The EUTR doesn’t prevent trade, it enables it on a level playing field basis. That’s why we are lobbying the Government to maintain the EUTR post-Brexit, and through the CTI’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Timber Industries, have got several politicians to ask questions in the house confirming the government’s future commitment.”