EU Council highlights positive impact of FLEGT and EUTR
29th June 2016

EU Council highlights positive impact of FLEGT and EUTR

On 28 June 2016 the EU Council adopted conclusions on the evaluation of the FLEGT action plan (forest law enforcement, governance and trade) and of the EU timber regulation (EUTR).

The conclusions highlight the positive contribution that these instruments have made in reducing EU imports of illegal timber and increasing the awareness of the general public and market operators about the issue of illegal logging.

The conclusions also call upon member states and the Commission to do even more to tackle this phenomenon, with a view to achieving sustainable forest management globally.

“The Timber Trade Federation is extremely pleased to see the positive recommendations of the report, particularly in relation to EUTR and its progress”, said TTF Head of Policy and Sustainability Mike Worrell.

“As an industry we have taken significant steps in meeting regulatory challenges and bringing about market reform. We have been an advocate and adopter of the FLEGT Action plan and welcome the transformations to forest governance brought about by the VPA process.”

“Whilst there is still work to be done, this represents a positive stride forward. As a trade organisation we will continue to support the action plan, its effective implementation and work with partners to ensure the work to date is strengthened through increased trade participation”, Mr Worrell concluded.

Read the full EU Council document here.