European Forest-Based Industries work together on new vision for 2050
19th November 2019

European Forest-Based Industries work together on new vision for 2050

The pan-European body for the timber industry, CEI-Bois, have partnered with the wider forest based industries on a vision for growing the role of the entire sector to become a key pillar of a climate-friendly future economy by 2050.

In order to fulfill this vision, the group, which includes the timber, paper, panel, furniture, printing, forestry, and bioenergy industries, have identified five ambitious goals to ensure a sustainable and inclusive climate-neutral economy:

  • Decarbonise Europe 2050 by substituting critical or CO2-intensive raw materials and fossil energy with forest-based alternatives. 
  • Eradicate waste in the circular economy by closing material loops with a sector target of at least 90% material collection and 70% recycling rate.
  • Drive resource-efficiency in the F-BI industrial value chain by enhancing productivity in all areas (including materials, manufacturing and logistics).
  • Meet the increasing demand for raw materials by maximising new secondary streams and ensuring primary raw material supply from sustainably managed forests.
  • Satisfy the growing demand for climate-friendly products by increasing the use of wood and wood-based products in our daily lives.

TTF, as a member of CEI-Bois, are backing this vision, which would help support the industry to become a more competitive and sustainable provider of net-zero carbon solutions, through research and innovation, break-through technologies, and increased recycling and reuse.

“This strategy helps lay the path for our built environment to absorb and store more carbon, to grow our market, and combat climate change. With the UK a net importer of timber and partner of the continent under the European Timber Regulations (EUTR), our members support a global industry,” says David Hopkins, Managing Director of the TTF.

“We see the forest based industries commitment as a good way to empower consumers, providing them with more options to choose climate-friendly products. Wood-based solutions enable many sectors to reduce their environmental footprint, including construction, already today”, says Patrizio Antonicoli, Secretary-General of CEI-Bois.

“Our solutions are made of a material that comes from a renewable and natural resource – European forests. The EU’s sustainably-managed forests produce today an overall climate mitigation impact amounting to 13% of European greenhouse gas emissions and keep absorbing CO2”, says Jori Ringman, Director General of Cepi.

Please click here to access the CEI-Bois press release.

You can find the full vision documents on the links below:

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