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EUTR Due Diligence Workshop in Amsterdam proved successful
19th April 2017

EUTR Due Diligence Workshop in Amsterdam proved successful

On the 12th April 2017, the UK TTF organised a meeting of various EU timber trade associations to discuss EUTR Due Diligence System (DDS) best practise and areas of risk. In attendance were representatives from numerous European trade associations.

The aim of the workshop, as part of the TTF’s DfID grant work stream, was to provide a platform for discussion and sharing of different trade association’s Due Diligence Systems and EUTR resources for their members.

What was clear from the presentations was that despite high levels of implementation in some countries, the level of resources and advise available in different member states was uneven and inconsistent. Most countries identified the same or similar risk areas and provided similar risk identification/mitigation sources of information to their members. However, it was generally agreed that there could and should be better availability and sharing of these sources.

In terms of risks identified there was a general consensus around the following countries and products: West and Central African countries, Brazil, Teak from Myanmar, Panel products from China and furniture.

A number of recommendations were developed from both the presentations and the following discussions which will be shared in due course. A full report on the workshop will be produced in the coming months and circulated, along with attendees’ presentations, to relevant parties. This will feed into a follow up meeting in Brussels in Q4 of 2017.