FLEGT IMM Summer 2018 Newsletter now available
30th July 2018

IMM Newsletter extended

FLEGT IMM Summer 2018 Newsletter now available

FLEGT IMM Summer 2018 NewsletterThe Summer edition of the Newsletter issued by the FLEGT Independent Market Monitoring (IMM) includes a summary report on the IMM Trade Consultation in Nantes as well as a reports on the three Nantes workshop sessions on “Impacts of FLEGT VPAs on trading with Central African countries”“Purchase dynamics for companies sourcing from Indonesia” and “Market trends for tropical timber in Europe”.

Moreover, the newsletter features a summary of findings of the IMM 2018 EU Furniture Sector Scoping Study, an EFI report on Ghana’s Timber Transparency Portal, and an update on Indonesia and the EU’s approach for dealing with FLEGT-licensing teething issues. The full report of the Furniture Sector Scoping Study is available for download here.

The Market News section contains an updated analysis of EU/VPA partner country trade, while the Country Focus section updates on preparation of VPA implementation in Vietnam, including an analysis of EU-Vietnam timber and timber products trade.

As mentioned, the Newsletter includes a detailed report about the recent trade consultation held during the Nantes’ Carrefour International du Bois (CIB). At the meeting, TTF Managing Director David Hopkins told delegates that FLEGT could be a ‘game changer’ in driving legal and sustainable timber market share. 

“The Timber trade industry – in conjunction with EU and member state governments, has a lot more to do on FLEGT communication, promotion and brand building – but it has the potential to play a key part in convincing the market that our trade is selling timber you can trust,” said David.

Download the newsletter here