Forest Legality Week 2018 kicks off in Washington, U.S.
23rd October 2018

Forest Legality Week 2018 kicks off in Washington, U.S.

The World Resources Institute (WRI) will host the second Washington Forest Legality Week, October 23-25, with the support and cooperation of the U.S. Forest Service.

Washington Forest Legality Week is intended to enable dialogue and inspire action and partnerships to more effectively implement and monitor timber trade legality and due diligence measures.

It is a multi-stakeholder, international event, drawing stakeholders from governments, the private sector, civil society, the scientific community, and service providers such as timber certification bodies. The main meeting will take place over three days, and is designed to accommodate a range of side meetings and interactions convened during the entire week by partner organisations.

This year’s agenda includes panels on the Congo Basin, focusing on the private sector and on independent monitoring; the use of blockchain technologies for supply chain management; forest landscape restoration and legality concerns in Latin America; early warning remote sensing systems for illegal logging; shifting source countries for wood products, the related risks, and the implications for due diligence; and illegalities in Eastern European timber supplies.

View and download the agenda here.

*Lat year, former TTF Head of Sustainability Mike Worrell presented the TTF Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) underlining its results in helping TTF member companies assure responsible sourcing and timber legality. You can read more here.