Getting down on the floor



Getting down on the floor

Expand your value-added range

The low-down on selling wood flooring

Different types of wood flooring products offer merchants different business opportunities. From solid softwood or hardwood to sophisticated engineered wood flooring there’s an option you can offer to suit every customer’s budget.

The first principle of selling the right product for the job is to establish where and how the flooring will be used. It may sound basic, but a kitchen or hallway will receive more use than say a study or bedroom floor.

Kitchen flooring also needs to be able to cope with spills, mud from the garden, and other human- and pet-generated problems.

Softwood, hardwood or engineered?

Softwood T&G flooring products are still good sellers for merchants. Whitewood products tend to be at the less expensive end of the market; Redwood products have been developed for greater quality in recent years.

Solid hardwood flooring is available but tends to be a bespoke order from independent TTF timber merchants.

Engineered flooring, which comprises a solid timber top ‘wear’ layer over an engineered base, gives a much more natural feel to a floor than laminate flooring products, a

Selling a ‘lifestyle’

Customers enquiring about wood flooring want to achieve a certain look and feel. In addition to flooring, they may be interested in ‘matching’ products, like doors, skirtings and architraves, so don’t miss out on these extra sales opportunities.

The finish of a wood floor is important, so ask your supplier to help your staff gain the knowledge they need. A lacquered finish will seal moisture out, but an oiled finish will give a more natural look to the wood.

Environmental credentials are also important: make sure you get (and double-check) the relevant information from your supplier to help you sell.

More sales down under

There are more sales opportunities associated with engineered flooring. Structural engineered flooring joists are available to reduce squeaks and other problems. For a smooth surface for laying flooring, specific forms of flooring plywoods are available, some with tongue & groove on all four edges for easy fitting.

Engineered flooring also comes in different thicknesses. Laid onto joists a 20mm thickness is recommended; for laying over a concrete base a 14mm thickness of product is ample.

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