Government extends deadline for recognition of CE marked products till 1 January 2023

Government extends deadline for recognition of CE marked products till 1 January 2023


The government has officially confirmed the extension of the deadline to end recognition of CE marked products by one year. This means CE marked goods – including timber construction products – can continue to be placed on the UK market in 2022.

We have known for some time now that such an extension was inevitable due to delays to the Building Safety Bill, an essential part of the new product safety regime which the UKCA mark will work in tandem with – an issue we wrote about in July. So while this extension is welcome, many businesses will share our frustration about the approach taken by government on this issue.

The main reason the government gave for the extension was the impact of the pandemic on businesses. Of course this is true, but, it was true months ago. It is difficult to see the justification for the delay in communicating this extension to businesses. Our head of technical and trade policy, Nick Boulton, first saw some form of acknowledgement from some corners of Government back in July in presentations.

There still remain some concerns across the construction products industry, amongst others, that even a year long delay will not be enough to fully prepare businesses for this change. As a Construction Products Association spokesperson said to Building Magazine, there is much riding on the new system, not only for businesses but for building safety and performance across the whole built environment.

We should also acknowledge that regardless of the date, the fundamental position of government remains the same. Recognition of CE marking is ending, and businesses who wish to continue supplying construction products to the UK still need to implement the use of UKCA marking as soon as possible. This is the message that TTF has been giving to members and their suppliers from the start.

While the additional time will be helpful in making this transition, it remains important you take steps now to get your businesses and supply chain on this journey. Earlier this year we published a guide to making the change to the UKCA mark, and our advice remains unchanged. I hope you do find the guidance useful.

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