Help us respond to the call for evidence on biomass and net zero

Help us respond to the call for evidence on biomass and net zero

ARTICLE · By TDUK Sustainability Director Charlie Law · 10 June 2021

We have drafted a response to the UK Government consultation on ‘The Role of Biomass in Achieving Net Zero’ – now we want your help to expand our answers.

The best possible use of our limited biomass we wholly believe is within long-term wood products, including those used in construction. Far too often wood waste is being disposed of or used for fuel before it has exhausted its possible use cases.

As the UK moves to a more circular economy, we believe the quantity of wood waste generated will reduce by 2050 – and we believe that more of what is produced should be used for long term carbon storage products such as wood-based panels.

Our responses to the call for evidence reflect this; including for the removal of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments which skew the market, as well as articles from TRADA, Norbord and the Wood Recyclers Association.

Please leave comments on the document on Google Drive by Monday 14 June, 17:00, otherwise get in touch with me directly via email.

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