Help us tackle embodied carbon

Help us tackle embodied carbon


2022 must be the year we go further in tackling embodied carbon emissions.

In a policy environment which aims to reduce carbon emissions timber has a clear advantage as a low-carbon construction product.

For the timber industry this means there is a clear financial incentive to join the moral incentive to drive forward climate policies. What is good for the planet, is good for your business.

This is why as an organisation the Timber Trade Federation have for many years been working to bring about policies which aim to reduce the footprint of construction in the UK.

One key policy area we have been focused on is embodied carbon, which arise from the extraction, manufacture and assembly of a building’s materials and components and ultimate repair and deconstruction.

Embodied carbon emissions can account for up to 75% of a building’s lifetime greenhouse gas emissions and are responsible for over 10% of our national emissions, but are entirely unregulated.

Over the last few years we have been hard at work building momentum in this policy area, and we are near reaching a tipping point. Which is why I write to you today.

In exactly a week, Conservative MP Duncan Baker is putting forward a ten-minute rule motion on the regulation of embodied carbon emissions in Parliament.

Today I call on all our members to write to their MPs to support this motion, which aims to bring forward the industry proposed ‘Part Z’ into building regulations.

We urge members to use the letter template via the green button below to write to your local MP in support of this bill.

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