How do you describe treated wood?

How do you describe treated wood?


Alongside the WPA and the TDCA, we have launched a new campaign to promote the accurate description of treated wood to increase the public’s and merchants knowledge on the important differences and purposes between each Use Class. 

Currently, meaningless generic expressions such as ‘green treated’ are still prevalent in the timber supply chain.

This vague description of preservative treated wood inevitably increases the chance of failure in service and ultimately loss of customer confidence.

It is a mistake to assume that all pressure treated wood is the same.

While one piece of treated wood may look very much like any other, BS 8417 requires that the loading and penetration of preservative impregnated into the wood is tailored to the desired end use.

Applications for treated wood are therefore grouped into ‘Use Classes’.

The challenge is how best to simplify this message while not losing technical accuracy.

The WPA/TTF Buyers Guide to preservative treated wood, first published last year, has been a simple but valuable tool to specifiers and users of treated wood alike.

As part of the supply chain educational campaign, we have updated the Guide for 2020 and the new edition can be found HERE – it’s even easier to use than before!

To get involved in our campaign go to: 

To learn more about treated wood and Use Classes visit our Treated Timber page.

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