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Incisive decisions
23rd May 2019

Incisive decisions

Incisive decisions

As the Timber Trade Federation moves forward its ‘Treated Timber you can Trust’ campaign to inform and educate buyers of treated timber products, producers are also investing in systems to improve the uptake of timber treatments within the timber itself.  Incising fence posts so that the Use Class 4 treatment penetrates even deeper  into the wood, is now becoming the leading technology. 

Keith Ainslie, Sales Manager at James Jones & Sons Ltd and Chairman
of the TTF’s National Softwood Division, explains the reasons behind offering incised landscaping materials: 

“We decided last year to only offer incised treated fence posts and sleepers, and many of our merchant customers are now following suit. 

“We took this decision to overcome some of the genuine lack of knowledge we were finding at merchant branch level, where fence posts and sleepers represent only a few of many hundreds of lines across different categories that they may be dealing with.

“By offering only incised fence posts and sleepers treated to Use Class 4, for ground contact, the merchant is removing a key area of product failure risk from their portfolio of garden products,” Keith Ainslie continues.

“This may perhaps sound excessive, being that many builders buy on price, but if, for example, a bank of earth in a householder’s garden is held back by inferior sleepers that fail and cause injury, the incident may well damage the merchant’s reputation.” 

 Are merchants making the switch to incised, Use Class 4 treated products in the landscaping category? 

“All the national merchants are becoming more aware of the risks and converting their landscaping offering to Use Class 4 treated and incised timber products.  Some independents are also mirroring this move to provide the right treated timber for the right applications,” James Jones’ Keith Ainslie affirms.