Indonesia FLEGT licensing marks new chapter in the fight against illegal logging
13th January 2017

Indonesia FLEGT licensing marks new chapter in the fight against illegal logging

TTF Managing Director, David Hopkins

This feature by TTF Managing Director David Hopkins originally appeared on the ETTF Newsletter EU FLEGT licensing special edition

“The announcement from the EU / Indonesian Joint Implementation Committee secretariat, giving a definitive date for the start of FLEGT licensing is the culmination of years of hard work and significant reform and should be applauded.

It marks a new chapter in the fight agains illegal logging and demonstrates reform can be achieved through a collaborative, deliberative process.

The UK TTF has been at the forefront of the EU drive to timber market legality asssurance. We have our own compulsory Responsible Procurement Process and advocated introduction of the EUTR. The UK has also been a strong supporter of Indonesia through its FLEGT VPA process.

So we welcome the first FLEGT licenses. And, whilst we recognise it’s still an early stage, it is a positive market development and one that will complement and work with existing mechanisms and frameworks. It is the complementary process that’s vital to ensuring FLEGT licensing’s success and the continued assurance that forests have value. A buoyant, receptive timber trade is vital in ensuring this value is met and FLEGT licensing can be a core part of the process.

For the timber trade as a whole. a government-led and endorsed initiative can only be a progressive step and it’s one that our Federation will continue to work alongside and support. The next step is a full communication programme with producers, importers and end-users so that all actors in the chain fully and understand what FLEGT is, what it means, how it can impact on their business and how they can support it.”

David Hopkins
TTF Managing Director