Interactive webinars to share knowledge on building in a climate emergency

Interactive webinars to share knowledge on building in a climate emergency

Article · By Timber Trade Federation · 18 January 2022

In the build up to the Timber Development UK University Design Challenge, built environment professionals are coming together in a series of webinars across nine weeks starting today.

The event series will cover all the bases which a student entering the industry – or a current professional – needs to know in order to build low-carbon, low-energy, and future-facing buildings in the context of the climate crisis.

These interactive webinars will allow all entrants to the competition to learn and seek advice from professionals at the forefront of modern construction, before they are gathered into groups and challenged to design the new Southside community centre building in Hereford.

You can register right now via Eventbrite to participate in the first two events – Timber and Tomorrow’s Built Environment (18 January 2022, 18:30 – 20:00), and Engineering Value: Whole Life Cost (20 January 2022, 18:30 – 20:00).

Tonight’s event will feature the world-renowned sustainability expert Pablo van der Lugt, author of ‘Tomorrow’s Timber, talking through how timber has the potential to usher an ecological, technical, and well-being revolution in the way we build.

Attendees will also be treated to talks from Scott McAulay from the Anthropocene School of Architecture, Harsha Gore & Mohit Buch on decolonising architecture, and James Todd of Architype and Malachy McNamara of BDP talking on their work on the Enterprise Centre.

Meanwhile attendees on Thursday will then hear on how we can engineer more value from timber, including the relationship between MMC and the DfMA, and how the right procurement strategies can deliver timber buildings that are planet and people and climate friendly.

Speakers include Kirsty Connell-Skinner of Edinburgh Napier Univerisity, George Pleasence of Cast Consultancy, Alex Abbey and Carol Costello of Cullinan Studio, and Louise Lado-Byrnes all talking to how the material decisions of built environment professionals can positively affect communities.

Tabitha Binding of Timber Development UK’ University Engagement Programme will be running and hosting the event series, which is set to include:

  • 18 January | Timber and Tomorrow’s Built Environment
  • 20 January | Engineering Value: Whole Life Cost
  • 25 January | 21st Century Timber – Properties and Engineered Products
  • 27 January | Timber Connections for System Performance
  • 01 February | Structural Timber: Making the Right Choices
  • 08 February | Timber Buildings: Designing for Performance
  • 15 February | Timber Buildings: Getting it Right Onsite
  • 17 February | Timber Buildings: Off-site and Industrialised Construction
  • 22 February | Timber Buildings: Performing as Intended
  • 03 March | Bringing Timber in the Digital Stage
  • 08 March | Timber Performance in Fire
  • 10 March | Accelerating the Use of Timber
  • 15 March | Quality and the Built Environment
  • 22 March | Southside Hereford: University Design Challenge 2022

More event and speakers details are being made available every day, so make sure to subscribe to the EventBrite and regularly check for updates to register for the next event.

More information

Sign up for students for the Timber Development UK University Design Challenge is open until 11 February. All events are free and open to all, and will be shared on the Timber Development UK University Design Challenge YouTube.

Timber Development UK is organising the University Challenge in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, New Model Institute of Technology and Engineering (NMITE), and the Passivhaus Trust. Find out more about the challenge on the TRADA website.

The event was sponsored by Transforming Timber, Accoya, PEFC, PH15, Stora Enso, Timber Decking & Cladding Association, Wood for Good, Rothoblaas, AECB, designPH, Trimble, and UFI VocTech Trust.

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