To help you better work with timber, we’ve brought together resources tailored to help you better understand wood, with quick summaries of species, their properties, how to select the right timber for your project, and much more.

Why build with timber

Timber is versatile and beautiful, offering near infinite possibilities to builders who know how to manipulate wood. It forms a key material for our homes, and through sustainable sourcing helps combat climate change and contribute to a better, greener economy.

Understanding the properties of timber

The properties of timber vary significantly based upon the species, where it is grown, and how it is treated. These three factors can influence the colour, appearance, hardness, specific gravity, moisture content, grain, toughness, warping, durability, density and workability of wood.


Understanding these properties is essential if you are to both select the right timber for the job, and install it correctly.

The practicals of building with wood

Generation of builders have worked with wood, and there is a lot of skills which you can learn. Check out our Timber Trade Topics below to make sure you are following best practice.

Finding the timber you need

Timber Trade Federation members are leading suppliers of high quality, sustainably sourced timber in the UK, able to meet any and all your building requirements. Simply use our product finder and get in touch with one of our members today.

Building for a more sustainable future

When you build with sustainably sourced timber, you are helping to save the planet. Research has shown that for every cubic metre of wood used on a building site, a tonne of carbon dioxide is absorbed in the atmosphere and stored – even accounting for transportation.

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3 February, 2020



Timber Trade Topics seeks to give you a brief run down on all the need to know information about timber, from installing roof battens and cladding through to treatment, species and sourcing sustainable timber.

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