Letter to Timber Development UK/TTF Operator Members on changes to 2022 RPP audit on UKTR

Letter to TDUK/TTF Operator Members on changes to 2022 RPP audit on UKTR

ARTICLE · By Timber Trade Federation · 14 April 2022

As members are aware, as of 1 January 2021, all companies first placing timber on the GB markets are regarded as the Operator are obliged to conduct due diligence and demonstrate compliance under the UK Timber Regulation (UKTR). This includes all companies importing from EU to UK who were previously “Traders” under the EUTR.

This means that all TTF members who are/have been importing timber onto GB market will now need to go through the RPP annual audit. As required by the TTF Code of Conduct, the RPP framework works with members to ensure their timber sourcing Due Diligence is compliant with the UK Timber Regulation.

We understand that a lot of members have been trying very hard to complete Due Diligence, but still, some may require more support or may yet be able to complete a DD report on all of your EU imports. To allow us best to understand where members are and how can we support you, we are introducing an additional reviewing and training step to the RPP audit this year:

Changes made to the RPP audit:

Note: members’ annual submission of purchasing data (RPP Tool D form) has not been changed, please continue to submit your completed form to submissions@ttf.co.uk as per the usual schedule, i.e. March/June/September/December.  

1. If you previously were a Trader under the EUTR, i.e. importing from EU to UK, and,

a. If you import from EU to GB <– please complete the attached QUESTIONNAIRE and submit ONE sample of your due diligence report (on any product of your choice) to TTF by 20th May. We will conduct an initial review on your due diligence and provide feedback before your full audit. If you are new to Due Diligence, please use the TTF Due Diligence Toolkit as a starting point, or you can use the OPSS template;  Or, please arrange with us for a free training.

b. If you are based in GB and buy landed stock from other GB-based suppliers <– NO audit. Please ensure you fulfil the Trader’s obligations as per Section 3 of the UKTR guidance.

c. If you are based in NI and buy from GB based suppliers <– NO audit. But please be aware that you are still classified as an Operator under the EUTR and are required to conduct due diligence on these timber products from GB.

2. If you are an existing Operator, and,

a. If you import from EU to GB <– please complete the attached QUESTIONNAIRE and submit to TTF by 20th May.

b. If you import from Non-EU to GB a NO CHANGE, audit will be scheduled by Soil Association on samples of your Non-EU imports

3. If you are an Agent or if NO imports were made from 1 January 2021 <– please complete this DECLARATION FORM and send back to us.

4. If you’ve recently joined the TTF  and/or are new to UKTR <– please download the Toolkit to help you get started and get in touch with us to arrange a training.

Any questions, please email submissions@ttf.co.uk. We are here to help. We will also be hosting a Zoom session to explain the changes and answer any questions on Tuesday 19th April, 12:30 PM. Please feel free to join HERE.

Please note that your obligations under UKTR and the TTF Code of Conduct will continue as the Timber Trade Federation merges with TRADA to form Timber Development UK. If you would like to find more information about this merger, please visit our holding site at www.timberdevelopment.uk.

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