Local lockdown measures imposed

Local lockdown measures imposed


In a sign of things to come, the Prime Minister has imposed ‘local lockdowns’ on Northern England, covering Greater Manchester, east Lancashire and parts of West Yorkshire. This follows on from the lockdown in Leicester earlier this month, which is set to be eased from Monday.

The local lockdown confines people to interact only with those people in their ‘support bubble’ but does not appear to prevent pubs from continuing to operate or for people to commute to work. Seeking to restrict social behaviour while simultaneously seeking to reopen businesses, restart the economy and encourage consumption is no simple task.

What is most concerning was the abruptness of the announcement, which first came from Health Secretary Matt Hancock on twitter, giving just two and a half hour notice before these measures were put in place, impacting approximately 4.5 million people. Local MPs are also questioning the targeting of the lockdown, which was imposed across all boroughs rather than selectively to areas of outbreak.

On a more positive note for the industry, house prices have increased by 1.7% in June which along with the stamp duty holiday should help to support the market going forward. Many thanks to all who contacted us this week to say that they have sent in a letter to their local MP about Brexit. Right now, we need stability, including a free trade agreement which supports our industry.

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