Falcon Panel Products Ltd - Tilbury

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Falcon Panel Products Ltd - Tilbury
The Enterprise Building
Port of Tilbury
RM18 7HL

01375 487300

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Consolidated Timber Holdings Ltd – founded in 1990 with the initial objective of bringing three companies together under one ownership. MBM Forest Products, founded 1966, Compass Forest Products, founded 1985 and Falcon Panel Products, founded 1986. A significant number of people working in the Group at that time shared the same industry background and most were well known to each other. This formed the basis of building a strong team. Today the group comprises, MBM Forest Products, MBM Speciality Softwoods, Compass Forest Products, Falcon Panel Products, and two manufacturing companies - Triesse and Hoffman Thornwood.

Species and Products available

Panel Products
  • Blockboard
  • Coniferous Plywood, Europe
  • Coniferous Plywood, Russia
  • Coniferous Plywood, South America
  • Decorative Panels
  • Door Blanks
  • Fibreboards
  • Fire Resistant Boards
  • Flexible Panel Products
  • Hardboard
  • Laminated Flooring
  • Laminates
  • Laminboard
  • Marine Plywood BS.1088
  • MDF Boards, Veneered
  • MDF, Lightweight
  • MDF, Medium Density Fibreboard
  • MDF, Profiled and Perforated
  • OSB, Oriented Strand Board
  • Panel Cutting Services
  • Panel Products, Veneered
  • Particle Board, Chipboard
  • Plywood, Birch
  • Plywood, Cut Size
  • Plywood, Film Faced
  • Plywood, Hardwood
  • Plywood, MDO
  • Plywood, Softwood
  • Plywood, Veneered
  • Sheet Materials
  • Specialist Panel Products
  • Specialist Plywood Products
  • Tropical Hardwood Plywood, China
  • Veneer, Flexible
  • Worktops