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Members are warned to beware of delivery scam
20th June 2019

Members are warned to beware of delivery scam

All TTF members are warned that there have been several fraudulent telephone credit-card ordering scams concerning delivery of sleepers.

The most recent of these was in the Oldham area. A supplier was contacted and asked to deliver a consignment of sleepers to an address in Oldham. A credit card number was given for payment over the phone.

The goods were delivered – an order in the region of £18,000. Shortly afterwards the supplier was contacted by his bank to say the card number used was stolen and therefore the money would not be going through.

Several examples of this scam have been reported, each time citing sleepers to be delivered.

All members are warned to be extra vigilant in their trading. For new customers, it may be advisable to wait for funds clearance before allowing the goods to be delivered.