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Our members are leaders in the timber industry, and have exclusive access to resources, statistics, and events, and have their voice heard across the wider construction industry, and by national, local and international Governments.

Timber Development UK (TDUK)

The Governing Boards of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) have announced the formal and legal completion of a merger to form a new entity, Timber Development UK (TDUK).


TTF and TRADA will continue to operate during 2021 as separate brand names, owned by Timber Development UK, while services and outputs are integrated and agreed under a common management plan. The combined organisation will have a base of over 1500 members, stretching from forest owners through to architects and specifiers.


You can read more about the merger via our webpage and TD UK presentation.

Join our campaigns

The TTF, working with other industry stakeholder groups, represents your needs and concerns to local, national and EU government, informing and influencing policy and highlighting timber’s major contributions to UK GDP.


Timber is the construction and manufacturing material for the 21st Century. Our industry is a vital contributor to a low carbon economy and key jobs creator. We make this known through our lobbying work, including with the Confederation of Timber Industries.


As well as our political lobbying, the TTF also helps you promote your timber as #TrustedTimber through your participation in our Responsible Purchasing Policy, and with our WoodCo2stsLess campaign.

Contribute to committees

The TTF provides forums for our members to discuss issues with key industry decision makers and overcome any problems in their supply chains. It allows us to reach industry consensus and to set the high standard for others to follow. The TTF acts as the guardian of product standards, quality and sustainability in the supply chain. Contact one of our divisions listed below to find out more.

Contact us for technical help

The TTF Technical Support Line is free to our members and open 9 to 5 to answer your queries. Our dedicated team of experts can deal with topics from shipping contracts and custom codes, to technical specification and customer disputes. We also have a wide network of expertise to call on your behalf from across the TTF membership.

Market your products via the TTF

The TTF has direct channels and regularly contributes content through to merchants, architects and more to help you promote and broaden the market for your products. We are here to help tell your story, so please do get in touch with our communications team either via or on our social media.

Other benefits

We have established partnerships that offer you benefits which make running your business easier and more cost-effective.


From legal advice to currency services and other exclusive member offers, you can save money with TTF partners around the UK. We update this list regularly and will be adding more opportunities in the near future.


We both produce and share a large number of resources to help highlight how wood can help us towards more sustainable construction, which absorbs and stores carbon, and creates more beautiful buildings, using quicker, quieter methods.

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Learn with the Timber Trade Federation

Whether you want to learn online, in person, or through bespoke training for your team, we have you covered.


Our online courses are the best learning tools for anyone interested in the timber industry.


We also work with the best external providers to get training tailored to suit the needs of your business.


Courses which are relevant no matter where you are in the timber supply chain. Build your career with wood.


Get up to date on the facts of timber as part of the Wood CO2ts less campaign, which showcases the importance of sustainable timber for combating climate change. Test your knowledge now.

Divisions and regions

Our divisions and regions help guide the decisions and focus of the Timber Trade Federation, whether focusing on issues affecting different timber markets, hosting events, or supporting greater sustainability in the timber industry.