Timber Development UK: the future of our industry

Formation of Timber Development UK

The Governing Boards of the Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) have announced the formal and legal completion of a merger to form a new entity, Timber Development UK (TDUK).


TTF and TRADA will continue to operate during 2021 as separate entities, owned by Timber Development UK, while services and outputs are integrated and agreed under a common management plan. The combined organisation will have a base of over 1500 members, stretching from forest owners through to architects and specifiers.


Click HERE to read David Hopkins blog on the merger. Learn more about Timber Development UK on our holding page at www.timberdevelopment.uk.


Membership of Timber Development UK is open to all companies involved in the timber supply chain, from sawmills to specifiers, and encompassing: producers, importers, distributors, merchants, manufacturers, installers, contractors, and those involved in the specification and design of products or buildings using timber and timber related products.

Code of Conduct

Timber Development UK (TDUK) will represent its members and conduct its affairs with honesty, integrity and transparency. In turn, TDUK expects its members to uphold the same high levels of business practice.


For timber supplying companies, this means adhering to the articles of the Code of Conduct currently laid out by the Timber Trade Federation and followed by its members. This includes, as a mandatory condition and benefit of membership, to complete the Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) – a 3rd party auditing scheme to align members with the UK Timber Regulation.


In time this scheme will be extended to members of TRADA who are currently outside of the RPP remit. Specifiers and manufacturers should pledge a commitment to only buying responsibly sourced timber from a credible third-party audited scheme, such as the RPP. TDUK can provide template procurement document to ensure that only legal and sustainable products are purchased, providing peace of mind for specifiers and their clients.

Board and Committees

The Board of Timber Development UK is representative of the membership, with Board members drawn from different points in the supply chain, in line with the balanced structure laid out in the Merger Agreement and the Articles of Association.


The Board will be supported by two advisory boards and a range of committees. These will include, but not be confined to:

  • An advisory Board for the technical and specifier side (currently the TRADA Advisory Board)
  • An advisory Board for the timber trading members (currently the wider members of the TTF Board, including the Committee Chairs of the product divisions, regional associations and major member groups), currently entitled the Trading Services Board.
  • At least one representative from each advisory Board would also sit on the main Governing Board

Further committees and working groups can be formed in relation to relevant business themes or activities as required.


Voting and election to the committees, working groups and Board will take place as set out in the Articles of Association and Merger Agreement.

Timber Development UK Board Members