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Annual Timber Purchase By Value

This figure should include the purchases of timber (other than 'inter-group') whether imported or purchased from third parties into the UK. Timber Purchases shall mean all of the following whether in their original condition or further processed.

  • Softwood (including poles and veneer)
  • Hardwood (including poles and veneer)
  • Wood based panel (including plywood, particleboard, OSB, MDF)
  • Laminated Wood Products (including Glulam and Laminated Veneer Lumber)
  • Manufactured Wood Products (including I Beams and Roof Trusses)

Annual Timber Turnover by Value

Please state your company's timber turnover, viz the sales value of all wood or wood products sold during the year or, where timber is sold on a commission basis, the total value of that commission or a combination thereof.


Please state the gross commission earnings on timber transactions in which you acted as an agent


A member shall be deemed to be a principal as regards timber transactions in which is entitled in whole or part to the profit on that sale. Entrepot transactions should be excluded from your figures. Entrepot transactions are those where products do not enter the United Kingdom. An Agent shall mean a member who earns commission on a sale.

  1. If you act as a principal,please insert the timber related turn-over of your company or group in Section B and purchases in Section A
  2. If you act as an agent, please insert the commission earned on all timber transactions by your company or groupin Section C and turnover in Section B
  3. If you undertake both activities please state your timber-related purchases in Section A, the turnover in Section B and Commission in Section C
  4. NB: All figures given in sections A, B & Cshould relate to the whole group, if applicable, and not individual companies within a group


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Do you agree to participate in TTF annual review and audit, as specified in TTF Code of Conduct, for compliance against EU regulations including the UK TR and Construction Products Regulation (CPR)?

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