Membership Rules

A break down of the TTF Membership Rules can be found below.


As the Trade Association for the timber industry, the Timber Trade Federation’s objective is to help create and sustain the conditions in which Members can prosper.  The Federation represents Members’ views to Government and other organisations who are involved in the timber industry, both in this country and overseas.  In addition, it supplies information and advice to Members and provides the forum for the exchange of views on subjects of common interest. 


To fulfil these objectives, the Federation provides many services which are detailed on the Federation website and in a Benefits of Membership Leaflet which is published and up-dated from time to time. 


  • The Federation consists of three Products Divisions, the National Hardwood Division, the National Panel Products Division and the National Softwood Division.  Additionally there are International and UK Suppliers Divisions.  Each Full Member is obliged to be a member of one Division appropriate to their function within the industry.  They may also join any other Division.  Within each Division there may be one or a number of Divisional committees.  Each Division shall have an executive committee elected by its members.  Subject to the provision of these Rules, the Divisions and/or their committees shall perform such functions as the Members may require.  Divisions and Committees may determine their own rules and procedures but no such rules or any amendment thereto shall become effective unless approved by the Governing Board.  There is also a Sustainability Committeegenerally known as the Forests Forever Executive Board.    The Governing Board may, from time to time, appoint Committees with appropriate terms of reference. 


The following types of membership of the Federation are available: 


a. Full Member 

Any sole trader or partnership whose principal place of business is situated within the United Kingdom, or a company or limited liability partnership incorporated within the United Kingdom engaged in the timber trade.

b. Associate Member 

Any sole trader, partnership, company or limited liability partnership whose principal place of business or place of incorporation is outside the United Kingdom, or any business or firm engaged in activities ancillary to or providing services for the trade but not actively engaged in the trade may apply to become an Associate Member. 

Membership Obligations

  1. To abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Timber Trade Federation Limited and the Code of Conduct. 
  2. All Members are required to provide, annually, evidence of a robust due diligence system as outlined in the Sustainability Code of Practice.  Failure to do so may lead to expulsion from the Federation.  Should expulsion take place, the Member shall also remain liable for their membership fee for that year.
  3. All Members shall submit a report to the Timber Trade Federation on which their fee will be assessed based on their timber transactions.  Such report should relate to the most recent trading year.  In this context, ‘Timber’ shall mean any softwood or hardwood (including sleepers, poles, pitwood), veneer, plywood (including battenboard, blockboard, laminboard and similar laminated wood products), particleboard (including chipboard, flaxboard, OSB, waferboard and other related panels) and fibreboard, whether in their raw state or further processed.  For the purposes of this definition ‘further processed’ shall include, but not be restricted to, timber that has been debarked, hewn, sawn, chipped, riven, incised, cleft, cross-cut, trimmed, peeled, sliced, turned, dried, seasoned, soaked, steamed, impregnated, preserved, planed, machined (including beaded and/or moulded) sanded, finger or otherwise jointed, laminated, bonded, veneered or overlayed on faces and/or edges with any material painted, lacquered, varnished or stained and shall include engineered products, such as I-beams.
  4. All Members shall submit a Directors Statement and pay their membership fee either within 30 days of the invoice date or shall have submitted a Direct Debit instruction on which payments can be drawn. Failing to do so shall leave them liable to suspension followed by expulsion. 
  5. Any Members wishing to withdraw from membership shall give written notice thereof to the Chief Executive at least three calendar months before their membership renewal date and, in default thereof, shall be liable for the annual fee for the following year.
  6. In the case of a Group, all companies within the Group that are engaged in the timber trade shall also be Members of the Timber Trade Federation.  In this respect, any resignation shall also apply to the whole of the Group.  Governing Board shall have the discretion to treat companies within a group as companies in their own right where appropriate. 

Membership Fee

Details of membership fees are determined annually by the Governing Board and published separately. 

Procedures for Full Membership

a.An applicant for membership shall apply to the Federation on the appropriate electronic form. 

b.In the case of an application for full membership the application shall be supplied with a proposer and seconder, who should themselves be members of the Federation of at least two years standing. 

c.All applicants shall agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct and pay the appropriate subscription as determined from time to time by the Governing Board. 

d.No applicant shall officially become a Member of the Federation until payment of the appropriate subscription and then, and only then, upon receipt of evidence of a robust due diligence system. 

e.In considering an application for membership, an applicant will be expected to have demonstrated conduct and behaviour consistent with the aims and objectives of the Federation as set out in its Code of Conduct and the Codes of Practice contained therein.  Applicants that were previously members of the Federation within the five years prior to an application being received will be expected to demonstrate a greater degree of compliance with the aims and objectives of the federation as set out in its Code of Conduct and the Codes of Practice contained therein. 

f.Any final decision in respect of membership shall rest with the Governing Board and, without prejudice to the above; the Governing Board shall have the right to refuse an application for membership in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of the Timber Trade Federation Limited. 

Membership of Regional Associations

There is a Regional Associations structure covering the United Kingdom.  The following are approved Regional Associations: 

  • East Anglian Timber Trade Association 
  • London & South East Timber Trade Association 
  • North East Timber Trade Association 
  • North West Timber Trade Association 
  • Southern Region Timber Trade Association 
  • Western Timber Trade Association 


a.All regional associations are bound by a Common Set of Rules as agreed by Governing Board. 

b.Ultimately, all full members of regional associations must be members of the Federation. Regional associations may accept new company members for a 24month introductory period, after which the company is required to become a Full or Associate TTF Member. Full TTF membership then provides full access to the website and reports where applicable. Companies not taking up TTF membership after the 24-month introduction period will not be able to continue in regional membership.    


Download the TTF Code of Conduct